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Farmexpert focused its attention on the quality of services since the beginning of its activity.

Our permanent objectives, deriving from the quality policy, include:

  • Raising company’s credibility
  • High degree of accessibility
  • Increasing the client satisfaction level
  • High competitive level
  • Implementing the product and service portfolio in line with client requests
  • Ensuring a prompt and open relation with clients
  • High quality perception of services

These objectives are reached by observing the rules imposed by the Pharmaceutical Products Distribution Good Practice Guide, by monitoring global tendencies regarding service standards in the sector of pharmaceutical products distribution and also the standards of company’s management.

The mission of Farmexpert Quality Insurance Department is to create a Quality Management System based on a quality policy, an organizational structure and operational procedures that would allow for continuous quality insurance, evaluation and improvement of the distribution process in Farmexpert DCI SRL.

The Quality Insurance Department is represented by professionals from this industry, pharmacists and persons in charge with medical products quality, people whose main objectives are:

1. To ensure support for the logistics department

  • The distribution of drugs and medical products is done only to authorized clients
  • The development of the entire distribution process (reception, storage, order entry and delivery to the client) is in agreement with the Good Practice Regulations in force
  • Continuous training since employment, targeted for the staff involved in the distribution process



2. To ensure the quality of portfolio products

  • Products are purchased only from authorized distributors
  • Verification of product traceability and of the optimal conditions for storage and transport
  • Coordinating the process for drug withdrawal from the market
  • Establishing correction and/or preemptive measures in case of noncompliance



3. Pharmaceutical alertness

  • Immediate reporting to the manufacturer of the adverse reactions signaled by clients or by the sales team



4. To represent Farmexpert DCI SRL in its relation with authorities from the industry (ANMDM, MS, ANSVSA, etc.) and with suppliers by participating to inspections and audits