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Pharmacies retail sales:

  • The pharmacy sales team has 220 professionals ensuring a National Coverage.
  • We support independent pharmacists through loyalty campaigns, support, consultancy and trainings for pharmacists, heads of pharmacies and pharmacy assistants at the highest level of performance and professionalism.
  • We are oriented towards developing a partnership relation based on trust, transparency and understanding.
  • We are permanently investing in developing our team in order to provide our partners the best solutions for increasing their efficiency and a good pharmacist-patient relation.

Hospital pharmacies sales:

  • We provide National Coverage through our team of sales representatives and logistics and our focus is both on the public and private sector collaborating with all authorized customers outside the open circuit pharmacies sector.
  • We participate in all acquisition procedures organized by public and private customers.
  • We are oriented towards maintaining a close partnership with our clients in order to fulfill all collaboration agreements and consolidating our position of strategic partner.
  • The hospital sales team has 30 professionals, continuously trained in order to provide the best services to our customers as consultants for areas like legislation, pharmaceutics and administration.