The medical division has 35 professionals, specialized in the medical sector and it has the following structure:

1. PHARMA Division

2. SURGERY Division

1. Pharma Division promotes:

Laboratoires Thea Portfolio: Created in 1994, Laboratoires Thea Group became, in less than 10 years, an independent leader on the European ophthalmology market. Laboratoires Thea provides innovative solutions for the treatment of different ophthalmological pathologies, as they are the creators of the renowned ABAK system, which has created a revolution in the treatment of the dry eye syndrome, glaucoma and allergic syndrome.

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TÖPFER Portfolio:Töpfer, a company with a long history, was created in 1911 by Max Töpfer in Bohlen, near Leipzig. Starting with 1923, the company has been located in Dietmannsried, Allgäu in the Bavarian Alps. Today, Töpfer is a medium size company in the food and cosmetics industry, providing milk and cereal formula, exclusive organic quality, natural certified cosmetics for infants and babies and many other special products.

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We address the following segments:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Neonatology
  • ORL
  • Pediatrics
  • Physicians

2. Surgery Division promotes Abbott Medical Optics products and it offers:

    • Assistance for surgeons;
    • Support for the maintenance and service of medical equipment.