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  • Our logistics network ensures the warehouses and delivery of products under optimum conditions:
  • 1 central warehouse (Chitila Platform): provides the necessary supply of drugs and pharmaceutical products for both regional warehouses and direct delivery to final customers and other distributors.
  • 5 regional warehouses: ensure the client delivery with a delivery frequency of up to 4 times a day in the cities with warehouses and up to twice a day in nearby areas.
  • 14 local subsidiaries.


  • The distribution system provides a National Coverage.
  • The distribution is made by our delivery fleet.

+ 180 utility cars

+ 9,3 million km covered distance

+ 1.400 localities deliveries

+ 5.500 delivery points

+ 190 million units delivered

+ 9,7 million domestic lines delivered


*The figures are at August 31st 2017